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Tucker's Pride Mini Garden


Grow vegetables, herbs, house plants and flowers indoors, year round! This compact unit is perfect for home or office use. Its small footprint fits on any counter or tabletop and its slender, attractive black anodized aluminum frame looks great anywhere. The included 24-hour timer turns light on and off to provide the light your plants need. Start your plants from seeds or seedlings and watch them grow quickly before your eyes. Get a head start on your summer garden. In the kitchen, you’ll benefit from the convenience of having fresh vegetables or herbs at your fingertips. In the home or office grow houseplants or flowers to add beauty to your space. Specifications:

· Black anodized fluted aluminum frame and light bar
· Black acrylic base and tray
· Lighting: 17W LEDs
· 14.3", wide, 15.4", high, 7", deep
· Tray size: 13.3", wide, 6.5", long
· Bar height: 15.25''
· Power consumption: 17 watts
· Full spectrum RGB LEDs
Weight: 0.00 oz.
Our Price: $199.99

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