Restaurant Services

If you are a professional chef, in the catering business, or if you own or purchase for a restaurant, we can help you all your herb needs.

Call 318-450-2100 & the grower will be glad to help you!!!

We offer 3 lines of fresh herbs to best fit your culinary needs:

1) Conventionally Grown Fresh Herbs line

2) USDA Organic Fresh Herbs line

3) Locally grown at Breston Plantation Louisiana Herbs farm to table line

Professionals receive best pricing per pound of herbs when ordering in bulk!!!!! call for a quote on a price break per pound if you are a professional in the food industry!!!!!

We want to see chefs of all types reach herb growing sustainability.... but if time or limited resources prevent such... WE WILL GROW IT FOR YOU...!!!!!!

We want to see that our cut herbs will be in your kitchen fresh.... or we will replace them...!!  Our locally grown Louisiana herbs line are picked right when ordered, here at Breston Plantation in the heart of the boot... The Great State of Louisiana..!!

We know that our Restaurant Services make the difference between a good food, and GREAT food.